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White Friday Offer is here. Shop now! Limited Time Only

Privacy Policy

This website is owned by and run by Interior Selection Company, an online retail store, which was established pursuant to the applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its commercial registration no.1010454172, and registered office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The following privacy policy terms shall apply to all the information, which we gather and save in our website or mobile application. Your use of our website or mobile application as well as sharing your contact information shall be deemed as your agreement to the terms of this privacy policy.

As we care about you and maintain your privacy, we will tell you how to gather, use, share, and save all your information. Please note the following:

1.  The updates applied to the privacy policy

The customer will be bound with the last updates applied to our privacy policy or cookies. Accordingly, we recommend you keep on checking the privacy policy and cookies to be updated.

2. Information collection

You can visit our website without being required to provide any of your information. However, we track down the internet domain address used by you, in order to analyze this information for statistical or marketing purposes.

If you are willing to purchase or establish your wishes basket, you have to register using your personal information. This includes name, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address, payment information, birth date, or continues as guest.

The above information makes it easier for us to know the following:

  • Transactional information: such as your orders, their date and time, and products you have purchased, and the products are in your wish basket, as we are interested in knowing your character and personal taste.
  • Third parties service providers: such as shippers, payment service providers, and rewards programs.
  • Statistical information: such as the location, browsing programs and IP addresses, the internet for your device, the domain type, the pages you visited, the terms you used in the search, and more.

It should be noted that all payment information fully protected. We do not store, sell or rent it, and it is used for the purposes of processing your order only, and is not available to our employees.

All payment card transactions are managed by trusted partners who are licensed and legally authorized.

If you provide us with third party information, it means that you have obtained their consent to do so.

3. Cookies

Our website uses first party cookies (very small cookies sent to your computer, or any other system used by you to have access to the website), and other similar technologies which you can access in your future visits to our site.

We can use third party cookies. The following are five types of cookies:

  • Cookies related to the website functionality: Itenable you to browse the website and use its advantages, like the wishes' basket.
  • Website analysis: which we use to measure the customers' use to the website, so that we can continually improve your shopping experience.
  • Customers' preferences: the website will mention your user name, preferred language, location every time in details, to make the shopping experience easier.
  • The targeted or advertising: we offer you the advertisements, which you are interested in. It helps us measure the efficiency of our advertising campaigns.
  • Third parties service providers: transactions can be made with third parties in order to provide you with a high quality, quick, and safe experience. The third parties may use our permission to save the cookies, web references, and any other similar technologies of information savedin the websites. It can thus help us, and you avoid any fraud acts.

By using our website, you agree on providing our website and the third parties authorized to save these types of cookies to your system and have access to them when you visit the website.

Please be informed that you can delete these cookies by referring to your browser instructions. In case, you delete your cookies, you may not be able to have access to certain areas in our website.

4. Information sharing

It is possible that your information is shared by any of the following entities:

  • The other companies in our group.
  • Gifts recipients.
  • Professional services providers such as: the legal, financial, insurance, or auditing advisors.
  • Our successors in the management or property, meaning the prospective operators or purchasers of our company or website.
  • The judiciary, governmental, or municipal entities charged with law or regulation enforcement.
  • Third parties who are accurately selected and related to us. They can contact you or use your information for marketing reasons, for example.
  • Service providers who perform them in our behalf, such as processing the payments, information technology, website maintenance, market researches, inventory and logistic services, shippers, advertising, marketing and other services required for processing your request.

5. How to use the information

We/ the entities mentioned in the paragraph (Information sharing) entitled to use the information for the following purposes:

  • To manage your account and provide you with a shopping experience suitable for your character.
  • For completion of the orders or provision of the services which you required.
  • For analytical and statistical purposes, as well as improving our website and services provided.
  • For the purposes prescribed by the laws, regulations, rights, and safety protections. This includes fraud prevention.
  • For marketing purposes, and providing you with the promos, through the newsletter, the marketing ads. (Unless you refuse to receive these correspondences).
  • Checking and implementation of any financial transaction processed through our website. This includes credit cards, or fraud identification procedures.

The conversations made via the live chat related with inquiries, if any, will be saved on the condition that they should not be accessed unless for the customer services purposes.

6. Procedures taken to protect your information

Our clients' information is saved in secured servers. The payment processes are encrypted, taking into consideration that you are responsible for keeping the passwords, website access codes whether they are made to you or you chose them. According to the above said, we advise you to save the passwords in a safe place, be keen on logging out of all the other systems, shut the browser window, at the end of the visit especially when you share the PC with another person or if you use a PC in a public place.

We apply many steps to protect and keep safe all what is related to our information technology, including the application of technologies related with auditing, encryption, documentation, and control. We further merge the security procedures in designing, implementation and daily information gathering in our website, in the context of our sustainable commitment with securing the content and the electronic transfer of information. However, the internet information transfer is still unsafe. Therefore, you will be solely responsible for transferring the information through our website.

We may transfer and save your information in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad. Accordingly, when you provide us with your information, and use our website, you acknowledge that the information may be sent to countries of different levels of information protection laws. Yet, we bind all the third parties receiving any personal information pertaining our clients, to keep them safe, confidential, and to limit their use on the agreed purposes.

7. Third Party Websites

The above-mentioned privacy policy and cookies do not apply to the third-party websites which may be related to ours. We are not responsible for the policy they follow, or the information you provide to these websites. We advise you to read the privacy policy and cookies of this site separately in order to secure your agreement and approval on them.

8. Communication and the possibility to refuse some communication means

When you log-in for the first time, you will be able to choose whether you are willing to receive the marketing messages. You can, anytime, cancel your subscription, change your marketing preferences, and correct any wrong information.

In case you have any inquiries about our privacy policy or cookies, you are always welcome to contact us through any of the following means: +966 11 438 0009 /