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White Friday Offer is here. Shop now! Limited Time Only

Terms & Conditions

You are welcome to our website. We are working hard to present the best experience for our clients. We hope to have your approval. This site is owned by and run by Interior Selection company an online retail store, which was established pursuant to the applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its commercial registration no.1010454172, and registered office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Your use of our website or mobile application as well as sharing your contact information shall be deemed as your agreement to the following terms:

Please read carefully before you press " Terms & Conditions " Acceptance Button


1. Website Terms

We kindly require our client to read all these terms or any other terms which we published to this site as incorporating its stipulations and regulating the services which it provides. In addition, they regulate your use of the website. This includes the contact center and mobile application of the website.  We further update our terms from time to time. Therefore, kindly make regular checks to them, taking into consideration that your registration to any purchase orders via our site will be agreement on the latest issue of terms. In case of law amendment after you register the purchase order, and before its implementation- we are bound to change our terms and apply this change upon your request.

2. Eligibility

Although we are willing to make our website services available to the largest possible number of persons, we stipulate that you should be 18 years old at least, and eligible for the following:

(1) agree on our terms (2) register in our website (3) payment via the methods approved by us. It is good to notice that your use of the website should not exceed the personal domain and gifts presentation only. We do not allow commercial use. We reserve our right in rejecting the orders that may be commercial.

3. Registration

You can use the website or its contact center as a visitor or by establishing an account in our site in order to make use of the advantages and services. The client shall be responsible for checking the accuracy and integrity of information, or payment methods. You, dear customer, can update any of your data via your personal account in our website or through contacting us via [email protected]. We recommend you to maintain the secrecy of the data of your account, & your password. Kindly inform us if you believe that your personal account is hacked. We assure you that our customer representatives will never require your password. We are further bound to comply with our privacy policy. However, we are not responsible for any damages that may be suffered by the client due to the abuse of these data.

4. Privacy Policy  

You can have access to our privacy policy through the following link:


5. Product Order

Your registration to any order shall be deemed an obligation to purchase the products which you chose with the stated prices, according to the rights included in the Products Cancellation/Recovery/Replacement article. This shall include the delivery fees, taxes, and customs if any.

6. Products Availability

Our website or its contact center may offer information related to products availability. Such information is deemed discretionary and related to the time of registering the purchase order. However, we cannot guarantee you, dear customer, that the product availability means that it is immediately available. Our inventory is subject to ongoing changes all day. The product can be available at the time of registering your order but in the phase of order initiation, it can be sold out. We do not wish you be subjected to this experience. We promise you to inform you as soon as it occurs.

7. Accepting the products purchase order

All the orders are subject to our authority whether or not to accept the purchase. One of the reasons of refusing the purchase order, is, for example, ineligibility, non-payment confirmation, suspected fraud, you are a commercial entity, in addition to the shipment limitations, and products availability in the stock.

8. Confirming the products purchase order

You will be informed via email twice. The first time when we receive your order and the second time when it is confirmed by sending you the products. We are solely the party authorized to confirm the purchase order acceptance.

9. Payment

The accepted payment methods in the present are Visa card, Master card, your personal account available in our site. We reserve our right in denying the orders suspected to made through unauthorized payment method, if you are unauthorized to use the method of payment, or if the method of payment is not valid. We shall not be responsible before the client.

10. The Prices  

The product prices are in Saudi Riyal. They do not include the delivery fees, installment, taxes, or customs that may be applied to the purchase orders. We will inform you about these costs before the order is finally processed. When you use a payment card with other currency, the paid amount shall be transferred to the Saudi Riyal according to the rate of exchange applied in the card issuing entity at the time of payment completion.

11. Price Validity Guarantee

We make our best to guarantee the valid prices which we offer, but mistakes can happen. Accordingly, they shall be processed according to the status of the order as follows:

       1.In case the order is prepared:

  • If the price is higher than the real product price, and the price difference shall be returned to you.
  • If the price paid is less than the actual product price, and the price mentioned in your order.
  • The order or part of the order is canceled and in case of an agreement on recovering the mistaken products with prices differing from their actual prices. The receipt should be made in the original address of the order. The total amount paid shall be returned to you, including the shipment fees taxes and customs duties, if any.

 We are entitled to choose any of the said methods according to our own discretion.

     2.In case the order is not prepared:

you will be informed, and order or part of the order confirmation shall not be made unless after your approval on the correct price. In case you do not agree on the correct price, we shall cancel the order or part thereof and return the amount paid to you.

12. Discount & Purchase Coupons

You should use the coupons according to the relevant stipulations and within a particular time. They are usable for once only. They cannot be replaced with money. They cannot be used with sales or other promos. They are personal and cannot be given to others.

13. Promos

We offer promos from time to time. These cases have their terms and conditions. They may be limited by time. All orders may not be eligible therefor. They cannot be combined with any coupons, sales, or other offers otherwise this is provided for. We have the right to end and change the promos anytime without prior notices.

14 Cards, Boxes, and Compliments

We are glad to tell you that you can use us to offer gifts to whomever you wish. We will pack the gift and attach your required compliment. If you choose the complement attachment service, you acknowledge and agree on the following:

  • That your use to this service is personal and not commercial.
  • That you are not impersonating someone else.
  • That you are totally responsible for the message content, and we are not released from such responsibility.
  • That you agree on our monitoring this service from time to time for the purpose of protection and making sure that the messages are free from any illegal/indecent phrases, menacing, vulgarity, insult, embarrassing, or annoying the others.
  • That we have the right to deny the messages, prevent the access to this service anytime without being responsible before the client.

15. Delivery and Receipt Options

The following are the delivery methods presently available by us. We would like to point out that we always seek to improve the experience of our clients. Hence, kindly re-check constantly in order to be aware of the other options when they are available.



Delivery time

In Riyadh

1 – 3 days

Other addresses in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2 – 5 days

Addresses outside of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

4 – 8 days


          2.General Delivery Conditions

    - The timeframes for delivery: traditional frames.

  • The orders registered on Friday or any other holidays in Saudi Arabia shall be registered on the first date following the order registration date.
  • We are completely entitled to charge order withdrawal fees when receipt is denied.
  • In spite of our strict compliance with the timetables of delivery, they are mere estimations. The timetable for order delivery starts from the date of order confirmation. In case you do not receive your order within 30 days from the date of confirmation, we will return the complete paid amount to you. Yet, we are not responsible for non-delivery for reasons falling beyond our control. This includes when you are not available in the address defined for delivery or when you required the delayed delivery.  

        3.Furniture and Bulky Products Delivery Conditions:

As soon as the order is ready for delivery, you will be contacted to agree on the date convenient to you. Immediately upon such agreement, you will be responsible for delivery acceptance and providing the means appropriate for order assembly and installation, with regard to the surface of the doors, corridors, and elevators access to products. You should inform us about any prospective problems in the property access (extra fees may be applied for these services).

In case a delivery date is not accepted, we will gratuitously maintain your order in the stores for 30 days. In case no agreements are made on another date within such period, we may cancel the order, keep the money and re-sell the products.

In case our delivery team is unable to reach your address on the agreed date, nominal fees may be applied to return the order to us (we will inform you about them in advance). If no negligence is not committed by us, we shall not be responsible for products loss or damage. This may include: (1) our compliance with your instructions. (2) The inability or difficulty to access the property. (3) The product is inappropriate with the property. All the orders related to the products installation, attachment, or fixation shall be subject to our estimation. We will not be responsible for the damage that may result in the above said. (Additional fees can be applied in return for these services).

16. Products recovery

Normal recovery: you, may, dear client, return the products for any reason and gratuitously within 7 days since the date of receiving the order and without any delivery fees. The nominal value of the returned sound products shall be returned as required, except the original delivery fees, payment against receipt, different types of taxes and tariffs.

The methods of returning the amounts vary according to your method of payment. (1) In case you pay by Visa Card, Master Card the paid amount will be returned to you the same way.

  • Return in case of damaged products or inaccurate order processing: in case the product received by you is damaged or different from the product you ordered, you can require its return within 7 days from the date of receipt without any delivery fees. We will return the nominal value of the returned products as required in addition to the following: the original delivery fees, payment against receipt, different taxes, and tariffs. Kindly be informed that the products can be replaced or repaired if required. The guarantee of the manufacturing company may include the defected products which you received. (for more information, please refer to the workmanship defects clause).


  • The methods used to return the products:

  1. Contact us via email [email protected] to agree on the date of products receipt from the address where we delivered the products while applying the said fees.

17. Products replacement

We will be glad to replace your products but please be informed that this is conditioned on the available inventory, and the price changes. You can follow the same products returning methods in case you are willing to replace any products. A new order will be registered for the replaced products. If they are on sale, they will be replaced based on the reduced value, according to our discretion.

18. The general terms of products returning and replacement

  1. To recover the full nominal value paid or replace the products (including the advertising gifts products), this should be made within 7 days following the date of receiving the order. The products should be in the same conditions as they were delivered, without changes, completely sound, and still in their original package, box, or protective cover.
  2. The representative shall check the product to be returned or replaced. This check shall be deemed initial and does not mean your guarantee to recover the full amount.
  3. Unfortunately, there are unreturnable/unreplaceable products such as: customized furniture.
  4. We are entitled to deny the orders of the clients with repeated product returning orders.

20. Cancellation

You can cancel or change your order anytime before it is classified as "processed". You can check through order track box in our website. You can then order for any of the following: (1) gratuitous cancellation of the order and return the complete amount paid to you. (2) Changing the order. We will do our best in this regard, according to our stock and price changes. In case the order is processed, you should wait for the order to be delivered then follow the return or replacement steps.

21. Responsibility for products

Your registration for the purchase order shall be deemed an acknowledgment that manufacturing company is responsible for all the products and that we do not assume such responsibility. 

22. Products property

The property of the products which you ordered shall be transferred to you either after the date on which you paid the complete products price or after the date on which you received the products.

23. Intellectual property rights

Your use to our website and its contents do not confer any rights regarding the copyrights, authorship, publication, design, trademarks and other rights related to the intellectual property of the content ( as included in the content clause hereunder). This includes our program, the data written in the markup language, the codes available on the website. The above said is protected by national and international intellectual property laws and treaties. It is not allowed to use the same unless it is authorized by us or by the content licensing entity. No reproduction or redistribution of the content is allowed, otherwise criminal and civil penalties shall be applied. No commercial use, linking, copying, or use of the said materials is allowed in any server or site. However, we authorize you to make one copy for your personal purposes only.

24. The content

In addition to the said intellectual property rights, the content shall be defined as containing any drawings, images, sounds, music, video records, sound records, and any written texts. We assure you that we did our best to guarantee the integration of the data posted on the website.  However, we do not guarantee that the content is free from mistakes, viruses, and harmful ingredients. Accordingly, we recommend you, dear client, to permanently install update the anti-virus programs in your system.

The content established by the user: you shall solely be responsible for all the data which you share. We reserve our right in using any content which you establish for personal purposes. This includes re-publishing in any form. The comments may be subject to our supervision. We may instantly prohibit posting them. Any comment can be prohibited from posting according to our sole discretion. This includes but not limited to what we believe to be illegal, defamatory, racist, slandering, inciting hatred and violence, contravention against the trademarks, patents, the items protected by the copyrights, insulting people, institutions, or religions. However, we are not bound to check the whole content. We are not responsible for it. In case you have a complaint about any posts that may appear on our website, kindly send us your complaint via email [email protected].  


Third party website contents: our website may include many hyperlinks for other websites or resources run by third parties. We are not responsible for their contents or accuracy. We are not responsible either for any privacy policies on these websites. We do not guarantee them in any respect. This includes but not limited to any advertisements, products, services available on these sites/resources, any damages, loss, or crimes that may result from them.

25. Specifications

We diligently seek the accuracy of all the specifications of our products when they are posted. Yet, colors may differ according to the screen used to browse our website. All the weights and measures are approximate.

26. Lack of Guarantee

We do not guarantee, undertake, or acknowledge any express or implied conditions regarding any matter except what is reflected in the terms of our own website, or the required by the applied labor law. Accordingly, your use of the site is your own responsibility. We reserve our right in limiting or canceling the possible access to our website anytime. Except for the binding legal requirements, we do not guarantee that the access to the website shall be uninterrupted, free from mistakes, viruses, or that the information available is totally accurate. Any downloads made from our website shall be only subject to your discretion and responsibility.

27. Responsibility and its limitations

We will not assume any responsibility before you or anyone else for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or collateral loss of any nature, which may arise out of or related to your use of non-use of our website, except for death, or personal injury because of any negligence from our part. We are not committed with the payment of any amounts exceeding the amount which you paid against the products which you will purchase. However, we are committed with the respect of any rights prescribed by the applied labor law.

28. Compensation

Your use of our site means you approval on our release from and against any claims related to costs, expenses, compensation for damage, and legal fees arising out of your use of our website or contravention to the terms and conditions. This includes the use of the other parties of our website through your account, whether it results in any procedures that you applied or did not apply.

29. The entire agreement

You agree that the terms of this agreement constitute the entire and exclusive agreement of using our website or your purchase to our products through our website and that they replace all the other earlier proposals, agreements, communications, and correspondences made by us.

30. No agency

This agreement does not include any clause that may be explained to confer any agency, partnership or any other joint venture between us.

31. Waiver and no waiver

We may waive any rights included in this agreement. However, any failure or delay in practicing any of the rights secured by this agreement shall not be explained as a waiver to such rights.

32. Illegality

In case any of our website terms is proved illegal, the other terms shall remain with the same force and shall not be affected.

33. The language

The terms and conditions of our website shall be published in Arabic and English. In case there is a contradiction between the Arabic and English texts, the English text shall prevail.

34. The governing law in case of disputes

The laws applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall apply to our website. All the disputes that may arise in this regard, shall be resolved according to the jurisdiction of the Saudi courts.

Dear customer, we wish you many remarkable shopping experiences with us.